Laura Lavigne, The 90-Day Gratitude Challenge Book

Laura Lavigne, Gratitude ChallengeWhen people have a space to express their daily gifts, their lives shift.  Laura Lavigne has experienced this first hand while facilitating the 90-Day Gratitude Attitude Challenge- a 3 month daily gratitude practice in an online group.  Laura explains, “By focusing on ”what went right,” it is as though our brains get re-wired and all of a sudden “what goes wrong” seems to shrink. Gratitude is the #1 skill that someone needs in order to live a rich, fulfilling, giving and happy life.”

The 90-Day Gratitude Challenge team is working closely with Laura to create an inspiring journal inspired by the Gratitude Attitude Challenge.  This book will contain prompts (like “I am grateful for…”) quotes about gratitude, and space to record daily gratitude for 90 days.  What is special (and clever) about the books is that they are gifted in a “pay it forward” model.  You cannot buy a book for yourself- it must be a gift.  When you complete 90 days of gratitude, you can then buy a book (which is priced to just cover the costs of shipping and printing) for someone else.

Pollination Project funding will pay for the initial batch of eco-friendly printed books that will be gifted out, thus starting the pay it forward, viral chain of gratitude.