Jordan Turner, ‘Giggin is Killin’

Jordan Turner, 'Giggin is Killin'In June 2013, Jordan Turner, a 19-yr old animal-rights advocate and co-founder of the Global Conservation Group, discovered that the town of Smithville, Tennessee had created a fundraiser out of stabbing and killing local Bullfrogs (also known as “gigging”). Being horrified at the event, and the public support for it, Jordan went as a protestor, and witnessed first hand how aggressive and bloodthirsty the event was.

This years’ event, albeit protested, gave Jordan a good overview on what would be necessary to bring more awareness to the subject, and hopefully have this event stop for good. Thankfully, 2013 was the first year for this event, so Jordan believes it would be easier to stop this event now, before they attempt to turn It into a tradition.

“Locals need to be made aware of the cruelty that occurs at these types of events and be aware of how they can take action to stop it.” says Jordan.

Pollination Project funding will be used for outreach materials and ads for the campaign.