Denis Martynowych, Lisa Kauffman & Team, West Seattle Meaningful Movies

West Seattle Meaningful MoviesDennis, Lisa and a core group of experienced activists and local Seattle organizers including Kate Kauffman, Corey Elliott, Anne Thureson and Jay Heyman, came together to find ways to connect people efficiently and skillfully to a wide range of ideas and perspectives that could lead to a socially inclusive, economically just, and environmentally regenerative culture.  They created a program modeled on the successful “Wallingford Meaningful Movies” which offers ongoing donation-based film screenings on issues relevant to the community.

West Seattle Meaningful Movies will launch in October, 2013 by screening alternative films that educate and stimulate positive action and connect the dots between local and global social and economic justice, the environment, race, and immigration. After each movie, they will host a facilitated discussion, and serve refreshments.  Movie topics will also be connected to the local community and the resources and opportunities available related to that topic.  For example, Dennis explains, “when we show a movie like Money and Life, about creating strong local economies, we will team up with folks from the West Seattle Tool Library and the emerging West Seattle Timebank.”  They expect up to 40 people to attend each month’s screening event.

Pollination Project funds will be used for all startup expenses like outreach and film licensing fees.