You only have what you give. It is by spending yourself that you become rich.
~Isabel Allende

Helping Hands India, 2014 Grantee

Helping Hands India, 2014 Grantee

Did you know…

You don’t have to be financially wealthy to be generous.

A positive practice like giving away money, when done every day, can double your current level of happiness.

A small financial gift can make all the difference to a social change leader who is just getting started.

Change your life and change the world.

Start your own daily giving practice today!


1) How to Create Your Own Daily Giving Practice

> First, ask yourself:  how much money do you feel comfortable giving away every day?

> Now add more to that number – just enough that you are a little uncomfortable.  (We usually tell people to just double the amount they are comfortable giving).   This is the amount you should commit to give every day.

> Create a ritual or prayer around the daily practice- make it intentional.

> See what it takes to put that money in your daily giving bank when you feel broke one day.  Notice what you do when you skip a few days.

> When you are ready to give the money away, make a commitment to connect authentically with whomever you give it to.  Don’t just make a donation online and wipe your hands clean of it.  Connect with a human being who is in need and give money to that person. Give it to a nonprofit or group that you love, and tell them WHY you picked them and why you are investing your generosity money in their work.  Go outside your comfort zone!

daily giving bank

To help you with the practice, we’d like to offer you a daily giving bank to support your daily giving practice in 2014. The banks were made by the children of Earn and Learn in Ahmedabad, India (one of our grantees). The children have collected and decorated reused plastic water bottles and turned them into beautiful daily giving banks.

Just email us to order one and consider paying it forward if you are inspired (but this is not required). Our goal is to spread the daily practice of generosity and giving. Email us at: Info-at-thepollinationproject.org to order yours.

2) Join our Daily Giving Community

If you love what we do, consider participating in the practice of daily giving along with us. This program is for people who truly want to be connected and engaged with our grantees and our work.

By joining the Daily Giving Community, you commit to giving at least $1 a day, every day, to each of our 365+ grantees over the course of the next year. Some of our daily givers donate $100 a day, some give $1 a day- it is less about the money, and more about cultivating your generosity practice while connecting with grassroots leaders worldwide.

This program is NOT for everyone.  It is only for people who want to cultivate a meaningful connection to what they are giving to.  Learn more about the Pollination Project Daily Giving program and whether it is a fit for you.

If you are ready to sign up now, please start by taking our reflections survey.